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Vegan Catering

Here at Food Champs, we believe that everyone should get to enjoy delicious meals, especially on special occasions! That’s why our menus are designed to be totally inclusive, covering all manner of tastes, styles and food restrictions. We honestly find it weird that vegan catering is so difficult to find. Yes, our menus for omnivores are incredible, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to leave vegans out in the cold.

Whether your event is 100% free of animal-derived products, or you’re looking out for just a number of invitees, we’ll make sure that the vegan option is a meal to remember… no last-minute bowl of chips chucked out with a limp side salad (we have genuinely seen this done – we were painfully disappointed on their behalf).

About Our Vegan Catering

Creating our vegan menu has been one of our favourite projects. Of course the restrictions can be a challenge, but we just saw this as an opportunity to really put our skills to the test. Lucky that we’ve got award winning chefs to rely on!

Coming up with delicious desserts was probably the best part. We studied a number of different menus from other, well-regarded caterers and were, again, surprised by the lack of choice. Many menus included just one option and it was typically a sorbet. Of course, we have a sorbet on our menu too (they are delicious after all) but we’ve also got carrot cake, chocolate brownies and saffron and vanilla poached pears – check out the menu for the full descriptions.

Our vegan catering gives you lots of delicious options that have been thoughtfully chosen by us to make sure that everyone can enjoy a truly exceptional dining experience. If you’re not vegan yourself but are catering for vegans, they will probably start cheering for you when you tell them their options – they won’t believe their eyes!

What If You Don’t Want Exclusively Vegan Catering?

This is absolutely no problem! As we said earlier, sometimes our clients only require vegan catering for a small number of their attendees, whilst the rest of the guests might be excited to tuck into a hog roast with all the trimmings or one of our other omnivorous options.

Everyone is different, which makes every event different and we believe that your catering should reflect this. All of our services are bespoke, we can chop and change things as you like, add something here, take away something there, whatever you want to do! This allows us to work with you to create a dining experience that truly reflects who you are. We find that this is what makes a Food Champs catered event a truly memorable occasion.

Plan Your Vegan Catering Today!

We have catered every kind of event that you can imagine, from huge wedding parties with hundreds of attendees to intimate evenings with just a handful of guests and an eight course tasting menu. Whatever the event, whatever the size, whatever the venue, we will make your dining experience perfect!

To start planning your menu, you just need to get in touch at and tell us what you’re looking for, whether that’s vegan catering or otherwise.

If you’re unsure what you’re after and want a bit of inspiration, you should head over to our online gallery and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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